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Sex & Intimacy

Enhance Intimacy and Revive Your Sexual Connection

“Emotional Connection Creates Great Sex, and Great Sex Creates Deeper Emotional Connection.”

- Dr. Sue Johnson

Sex and intimacy are important components of healthy romantic relationships and part of the attachment bond. Couples who feel connected sexually will often report more emotional connection and overall satisfaction with the relationship. Sex and intimacy have been linked to improved physical health, reduced stress and lower blood pressure, and the release of hormones that promote bonding and connection between partners, contributing to feelings of closeness.

It is important to note that the role of sex and intimacy in a relationship can vary based on individual preferences and cultural norms. The importance of open communication and mutual understanding regarding sexual needs and desires for intimacy cannot be overstated. By prioritizing sexual health and intimacy within relationships, couples can improve their overall well-being and strengthen their emotional connection.

Career Demands, Exhaustion From Parenting, and Relationship Challenges - There Are Many Reasons For Diminished Sex And Intimacy, But One Thing Is True…

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“We Are Never So Vulnerable As When We Love.”

- Sigmund Freud

Sex and intimacy require great vulnerability, and while vulnerability can foster closeness and bonding, it can also trigger shame, fear, and insecurity. When working with couples, sex and intimacy emerges as a topic that is often cited as an indicator of the health of the relationship. Sex and intimacy are the first to falter when emotional connection is lost.

A lack of sexual satisfaction or distress in the sexual relationship is typically an indicator that emotional connection is lost and the couple may no longer feel safe with one another. Shame, fear, and intimacy issues compromise emotional connection and come at the cost of risked vulnerability, and so vulnerability begins to diminish.

Don't Let Shame and Guilt Keep You Stuck in an Unsatisfying Intimate Relationship.

Discuss Your Needs and Desires Freely with a Licensed Couples Therapist.

Couples who are dissatisfied with their relationship also often report dissatisfaction with sex and intimacy. They also report feelings of frustration, disappointment, and sometimes resentment. Issues with sex and intimacy are often related to other relationship dynamics, such as conflict and communication issues.

I am a couples therapist and I provide both in-person and online couples therapy to couples looking to overcome their sexual or intimacy challenges, and improve their emotional-relational health, in an effort to boost the quality of their life together.

Emotionally Focused Therapy Creates A Safe Space For Couples Looking to Explore Sex & Intimacy

Emotionally focused therapy can play an important role in helping couples examine their blocks to sex and intimacy and improve their relationship. I provide a safe and supportive environment for couples to discuss their sexual concerns and desire discrepancies and work through any challenges that may be affecting their sexual desire and hide behind their relationship issues.

Freedom to Voice and Explore Sexual Desires and Preferences

As a couples therapist, I provide the necessary safe environment for couples to explore their sexual desires and preferences, as well as any obstacles that may interfere with their sexual expression and overall sexual satisfaction.

A common issue couples tend to address in couples therapy is a lack of intimacy. Intimacy goes beyond just physical touch and refers to the emotional closeness that partners share. In couples therapy, we explore the tools to improve your communication and discuss openly and honestly your needs, desires, and boundaries.

I help couples of all sexual orientations and gender identities, identify and address sex and intimacy concerns and issues that may impact their sexual satisfaction.

Boost Intimacy and Revive Sexual Connection

“We Waste Time Looking For The Perfect Lover, Instead of Creating The Perfect Love.”

- Tom Robbins

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples Looking to Reconnect and Enhance Intimacy

Emotionally focused therapy plays an important role in helping couples reconnect, (re)build trust, and (re)establish safety, which in turn invites sexual desire, and improved sex and physical intimacy. I provide a safe and supportive environment for couples to discuss their bond, connection, and degree of trust, in addition to exploring sexual concerns and desires, and to work through challenges of disconnection that compromise the bond.

frequently asked questions

As a therapist specializing in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy, I approach sex and intimacy from a holistic and client-centered perspective. This means that I will work collaboratively with you to address your specific sexual concerns and goals while taking into consideration your unique experiences and identities. In EFT, the focus is on helping clients understand and regulate their emotions and fostering secure emotional attachment between partners. This approach can be particularly beneficial in sex and intimacy, as emotional intimacy is often closely linked to sexual satisfaction and desire. By helping clients identify and express their emotions, and supporting the development of a secure emotional bond between partners, I can help improve sexual communication, intimacy, and satisfaction.

As a gay therapist specializing in LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy, I am sensitive to the unique challenges and experiences faced by individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. This includes an awareness of how societal and cultural factors can impact their sexual identity and expression. Whether we’re talking about individual therapy or couples therapy, I always aim to create a safe and inclusive space for clients to explore their sexual concerns and needs and work collaboratively with them to develop strategies and techniques that take into consideration their identities and experiences. My focus will be on emotional regulation, secure attachment, and client-centered strategies that are sensitive to the needs and experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Yes, I provide online therapy addressed to individuals and couples who are experiencing concerns with sex and intimacy or issues that are impacting the quality of relationship. Emotionally focused therapy can provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals and couples to address their concerns and work towards creating a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship with sex and intimacy. This can be achieved regardless of if this type of mental health service is provided in person or online.